Automotive Aftermarket Fund - (Alabama Aftermarket Association Southeast - Work Comp Insurance)

Automotive Aftermarket Fund - (Alabama Aftermarket Association Southeast - Work Comp Insurance)




Automotive Aftermarket Fund (AAF) is a group workers’ compensation fund regulated by the Alabama Department of Labor. AAF is excited to partner with the Alabama Independent Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA). AAF will provide  highly competitive, dividend paying workers comp insurance for the members of AIADA. This relationship will allow members of AIADA to have full access to AAF for their workers compensation needs as well as access to additional services to help control their workers comp claims costs. Special pricing, discounts, and dividends will be available to AIADA Members! Serious medical savings will be provided through this program to AIADA members. Work Comp medical claims will be paid through a Blue Cross Blue Shield discount structure that will deliver upwards to 75% discounts on hospital bills for work comp claims.

AAF was established in 1992 and currently serves approx. 350 automotive companies. The purpose of AAF is to provide the automotive industry with a stable, cost-effective source of workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Alabama. Customers of AAF have access to exclusive programs that are the key components to helping employers in the automotive industry maintain a great workforce that is proactive in keeping employees safe while on the job. AAF is the trusted resource to make sure any work-related injury is handled quickly, properly, efficiently and with the highest quality of care. AAF believes communication is the key to delivering not only great workers compensation coverage but also exceptional customer service! The AAF Team members are all located in Alabama. The program is governed by a member board of trustees, is well rounded, sound and truly committed to helping its members. 

AAF is designed and has the ability to return dividend income back to eligible participants. The program has a great track record of doing just that! AAF members have been well pleased not only with the consistency and growth of the member dividend but the dependability and performance of the program overall.  

This partnership will not only strengthen the automotive industry work comp program but also greatly strengthen the AIADA as it goes about its mission of growing, promoting and protecting the independent auto dealer industry. AAF is excited about this opportunity and looks forward to supporting and growing with AIADA!

Hali Key - AAF Marketing Director

(p) 205-730-2836

Automotive Aftermarket Fund - Workers Compensation for Alabama Members

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 Automotive Aftermarket Fund

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